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My name is Robyn and I was hatched from a Kinder Surprise Egg. Robayre is a nickname given to me by brother and it stuck. It sounds like row-bear, or the french Robert.

I love creating. This is something that has stayed with me from drawing and doing crafts as a child, to creating artwork and designing products as an adult, and executing my creative side professionally as a print graphic designer.

I rely heavily on my spontaneous and innate sense of aesthetics for my creative work. I combine design, color and composition with my passion for positivity and beauty in the everyday to produce work I love and can be proud to share with you.

I embrace a variety of mediums. I work in paints, printmaking, digital, photography, bookmaking, fabric, metalwork, paper, spinning yarn, collage and mixed media. Regardless of the material, I am confident that my personal style is uniquely my own
and recognizable throughout mediums.

location: Northern Illinois
education: Northern Illinois University (Bachelor’s degree in Art)
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